zgr Dumlu

Medicalpark and Liv Hospitals - Consultant
Group Acendis (Delta Trade Company Med.Div.Ltd) - Coordinator
Memorial Hospital - General Manager
Turkish Airforce - Projects Manager Manager
Medtek Medical Electronic A. - Biomedical Engineering Department
  Logistics Lietunent Research Engineer,

Briefly zgr

17 years of experience in Health Sector 12 years in Management of Clinical Engineering and Facility Management Departments 11 years in Project and Contract Management (incl. Procurement, Medical technology and Capital investment budget management) 6 years in Board of Operations in one of the largest chain hospital group in Turkey 3 years in Sales and Marketing 1 year Management of Hospital Operation as a General Manager Management of Projects in MoH hospitals in Turkey and KSA - Income-Sharing Partnership projects, Training Programs, Operational Processes (Biomedical Dept, Facility Mng, ICU, Cardiology, etc) Managed a Capex budget of more than $600 million investment totally, Opex budget of around $100 million annually.



Alptekin Tanr

TBS Group Consultant
Public Private Partnership Hospital Coordinator
MasterCard CFO
Sancak Group & Medical Park President
GMC Poland Investments Officer
Kadoil President
Bonus Sytems Poland Vice President
Tansa Retail Project Manager
Garanti Bank Auditor
Yap Kredi Bank  
Arthur Andersen Co. Sc (USA , Turkey)  

Briefly Alptekin

Totaly 10 years in consultancy business Specific focus to healtcare since 2010 market entry, hospital plannings in PPP projects Major corporate finance and Business development professional Global network of busines such as: TBS group, Capitol Health. Mastercard Several years of project management



Abdullah Trker Yceer

hlas Net Assistant General Manager
Acer Corporate Communications Director
Tgrt Corporate Communications Director
Orjin Group Sales Marketing Director

Briefly Yceer

15 years experience in corporate communications
10 years sales and marketing experience
5 years management experience in Turkey's leading IT companies
15 years of professional photography experience
10 years of experience in sales team management



Project Name    
Location Liv Hospital - ankaya- Ankara 32.000 m2 175 beds 2014
Medicalpark Batkent Hospital- Ankara 30.000 m2 200 beds 2014
LEH Hospital Benghazi 25.000 m2 300 beds 2014
Libya Liv Hospital - Ulus-Istanbul 31.000 m2 150 Beds 2013
Nizamiye Hospital Abuja Nijerya 5.500 m2 54 Beds 2012
Medipol Mega Hospital Complex Baclar Ist. 100.000 m2 470 Beds 2012
Medicalpark Izmir Hospital 45.000m2 270 Beds 2011
Medicalpark Gebze Hospital 17.000m2 136 Beds 2011
Medicalpark Tarsus Hospital 12.000m2 157 Beds 2010
Medicalpark Uak Hospital 15.000m2 146 Beds 2010
Medicalpark Samsun Hospital 18.600m2 179 Beds 2009
Medicalpark Ordu Hospital 17.000m2 169 Beds 2009
Medical Park Tokat Hospital 12.000m2 100 Beds 2007
Medical Park Van Hospital 15.000m2 150 Beds 2008
Medical Park Gaziantep Hospital 24.000m2 250 Beds 2008
Echo Group Beylikdz Hospital 13.000m2 90 Beds 2007
Medical Park Antalya Hospital 33.000m2 189 Beds 2007
Medical Park Gztepe Hospital 36.500m2 306 Beds 2007
Medical Park Bahelievler Hospital 33.000m2 250 Beds 2007
Medicana Beylikdz Hospital 35.000m2 219 Beds 2006-2007
Medical Park Bursa Hospital 26.000m2 220 Beds 2006
Avrupa afak Hospital 12.000m2 90 Beds 2005
Acbadem Bursa Hospital 30.000m2 - 150 Beds 2005
Acbadem Kozyata Hospital 15.000m2 - 82 Beds 2005
Gztepe afak Hospital 12.000m2 90 Beds 2004
stanbul Memorial Hospital 32.000 m2 -180 Beds 2000
Acquisition of small to mid size Hospitals    
Public Private Partnership Hospitals    



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  No: 2 Beikta stanbul / TÜRKYE




: +90 212 471 71 99